Greg Hitzhusen, Executive Director
Dr. Greg Hitzhusen, Executive Director of Ohio Interfaith Power and Light, is also on the faculty at The Ohio State University, in the School of Environment and Natural Resources, where he is developing a partnership between the Ohio Council of Churches and Ohio State University Extension to provide environmental resources to faith communities in Ohio. Dr. Hitzhusen has a B.S. in ecology from Cornell University, an M.Div. concentrating in ecotheology from Yale Divinity School, and a Ph.D. in faith-based environmental education (Cornell).

Dr. Hitzhusen was previously the national Coordinator of the NatureLink program of the National Wildlife Federation; cofounder of the Outings Club and Creation Spirituality groups at Yale Divinity School; Associate with the National Religious Partnership for the Environment; and Land Stewardship Specialist for the National Council of Churches EcoJustice Programs. Greg has taught courses on creation care and outdoor ministry at Yale Divinity School and Wesley Theological Seminary, and lives with his wife and two sons (ages 1 and 4 yrs) in Columbus, Ohio.

Sister Paula González, Cofounder
Sister Paula González, Ph.D., and Keith Mills founded Ohio Interfaith Power and Light in 2007. Sister Paula earned her doctorate in biology at the Catholic University in Washington, DC, and was a biology professor at the College of Mount St. Joseph in Cincinnati, Ohio, for 21 years. She entered the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati in 1954.

Since 1972, Sister Paula has been freelancing as an environmentalist and futurist, working for more than three decades to promote sustainable living. She has given over 1,600 presentations; developed audiotape courses in Earth-healing; and has written several articles and book chapters on eco-spirituality, conservation, and renewable energy.

Sister Paula founded EarthConnection, an environmental learning center where tours, internships, and environmental educational programs have been conducted. Located on the grounds of her congregation’s motherhouse, the EarthConnection Center was completed in 1995 and continues to showcase various renewable-energy technologies including daylighting, passive and active solar thermal, grid-tied photovoltaic, and geo-exchange energy systems. The systems are not only impressive in their variety, but also notable for the unusual "solar-assisted geothermal" configuration, where summer heat is transferred from solar thermal collectors to an insulated bed of earth around the building for use the following winter.

The American Solar Energy Society's Ohio chapter, Green Energy Ohio, gave Sister Paula their Lifetime Achievement Award in 2005.

Keith Mills, Cofounder
Keith Mills is one of the cofounders of Ohio Interfaith Power and Light, and is a life-long resident of northeast Ohio. He is an elder in a Cleveland area Presbyterian church, and lives just south of Cleveland with his wife and teenage daughter.

Keith was graduated from Cleveland State University with a Bachelors of Electrical Engineering, and has a Masters in Business Administration from Baldwin Wallace College. He has over 30 years experience in manufacturing facilities engineering, quality assurance, and lighting; and is a member of the Association of Energy Engineers, Entrepreneurs for Sustainability, Green Energy Ohio, and the American Society for Testing Materials.

Keith has had an interest in energy efficiency and renewable energy for over 10 years, and recently came to realize that our approach to energy use is unsustainable and therefore a moral issue as the poor, those least able to cope, and future generations will bear most of the impact of global warming and climate change from our over-reliance on limited fossil fuels. Through this realization, Keith contacted fellow Green Energy Ohio member Paula Gonzalez at the 2007 Solar Conference, and agreed to cofound the Ohio chapter of the Regeneration Project, Ohio Interfaith Power and Light.