About Ohio Interfaith Power and Light
Ohio Interfaith Power and Light is an affiliate of The Regeneration Project's national Interfaith Power and Light campaign. Our mission is to mobilize a religious response to climate change and to promote energy conservation, energy efficiency, and renewable energy. We focus on tangible results in religious communities - putting our faith into action.

Why “a religious response to climate change”?
From “An Interfaith Declaration on the Moral Responsibility of the U.S. Government to Address Global Warming”:

This is an historic moment when Jews, Christians, and Muslims stand together in solidarity with a shared sense of moral purpose on global warming. We accept the overwhelming scientific evidence which forecasts extreme consequences for the Earth and all its inhabitants if we fail to act. We support each other as we take leadership in our distinctive religions to address this challenge to all of humankind.

Each of our diverse traditions has a common concern for creation. The Hebrew Bible calls us to "till and to keep" the garden. The Koran [Quran] declares that God created the Earth in balance, and that human beings are the trustees of creation. Christians, too, are challenged to be stewards of the garden and to love our neighbors. All of our traditions call us to serve and protect the poor and vulnerable. And it is the world's poor, who contribute the least to this problem, who will suffer the most from global warming.

Our Earth is in great peril. We cannot risk the consequences of inaction. Recognizing that human beings are largely responsible for creating this problem we stand together as brothers and sisters dedicated to finding solutions.

Global warming is not just a political and economic issue. It is a moral and spiritual issue that calls for leadership from faith communities. Therefore, we are mobilizing a religious force that will persuade our legislators to take immediate action to curb greenhouse gases. We believe that placing science-based, mandatory limits on greenhouse emissions is one of the most effective ways to reverse the warming trend. These limits can be achieved in ways that will stimulate the economy, encourage technological innovation, and lift up the poor. We can begin by investing in renewable energy, embracing an ethic of conservation, and prioritizing a healthy environment.

Today we stand together as a religious force for change. We have seen the truth and must declare it. Global warming is real, it is human-induced, and we have the responsibility to act. We will work together in an historic effort to pave the way for a cultural change in America. And while recognizing our differences, we agree on a call to action. We stand together with a shared purpose: a reverence for life.